60 Second Option

60 second options allows traders to “grab” the market fast, especially during high volatility occasions, e.i Economical events and reports: GDP, CPI, NFP etc. Normally used by scalping traders.

Hour Option

Hour options allow you to open a trade for a period of an hour, this type of option is normally used by “trend traders”, who identify a certain trend on an asset and see an opportunity to enter. This option is widely used during Pre-Market Earning reports on stocks and Rate decisions by Central Banks.

Daily Options

Daily Options give traders the ability to overcome and ignore false ups and downs during the trading day. This option is mainly used for Companies that report after the market close.

Monthly Options

Used primarily by swing-traders, who seek less volatile and more stable trades. This is the most common form of trading using options for both Traders and Investors since it is used mainly for hedging strategies.

Yearly Options

This is the primary tool used for long range strategies providing diversification for Investor’s portfolios.

Option Builder

We offer our Traders and Investors the ability to build their own Option details, giving them a number of expiry times and dates on nearly all the trading assets available. It is important to mention that this is subjected to the number of buyers and sellers of the specific synthetic option the trader would like to create.

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